About Us

What's the BIG IDEA? To open a Tree Tent Experience Camp in our area. To create an Eco-Retreat for people to reconnect to themselves through nature, and rediscover their playful, adventurous spirit by camping in a portable treehouse in the forest. A space for people to get out & up (in trees), and see the world around them from a new perspective.


This would be the first Tentsile Experience Camp in the United States.


This is what charges me and lights me up … exposing people to a different perspective, providing them with a new way of looking at camping up in the trees (not on the ground), spending time in nature, exploring, and playing outdoors. Going back into the woods and appreciating the beauty, serenity and peacefulness, experiencing the health benefits of “forest-bathing,” and looking up at the trees rather than down at our phones. It highlights my values, strengths and passions all at the same time.


Through Eco-tourism, people will be exposed to the magical beauty of this area, the sights, sounds, tastes, and culture that is part of the slice of heaven we have here in Northern Michigan. The programs will be small-scale, low-impact, and will promote environmental sustainability, as well as provide direct financial benefits for conservation. The camp would promote our region to people worldwide, bringing international exposure, travel, and commerce to local businesses in our community.

In 2015, I watched this video...

3 minutes later,

I bought my first Tentsile.

I fell in love with Tentsile

when I saw camping from a new perspective

Three Tree Tent

Go Out - Go Up

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